Just had to share a testimony of God’s faithfulness in ALL things.

My ‘day job’ sometimes involves ‘cold calling’ individuals in senior positions at mid-large size companies. This can be challenging; if they don’t have an immediate interest in your business or are just busy with their own, you can go days/weeks/months with no response. It can be discouraging.

But I want to be a prayer warrior; if there is something on my mind, I don’t hesitate to speak to our Father about it. And so, there was a company I have been focused on building a relationship with, and recently was charged with getting it done. Now. They literally have been unresponsive for over 6 months, despite the various ways I worded emails and voicemails. So my wife and I added the company and individual to our prayer list, specifically asking God to work on this person’s heart to respond and agree to a meeting.

This morning, God put it on my heart to contact them. Now, I had already emailed and called them a few times this week, so I really felt that I was risking getting them upset. But less than an hour after my email, I got a response with an offer to meet!

I trust that this testimony gives someone a glimpse into how God works ALL things for our good. Whether big or small, He is ready and willing to hear and answer our prayers.