A few years ago, there was a fashion craze around the question: “What Would Jesus Do?”. It seems like everyone was wearing t-shirts or bracelets with WWJD, the question was plastered across multitude of media as the “Hmm” question of the time.

But I’ve recently thought about that question, not just for my own personal life but also as I think about where we are as a society, the US politics, our lifestyles, etc. Too often, it seems, we think in terms of “What would a good Republican do?”, “What would an American patriot do?”, or “What would a Christian do?” rather than the basic question that should be core to our motivation.

“What Would Jesus Do?”

How would he respond to the challenges of society? What would His response be to crisis? Where would He draw the line, when it comes to immigration?

And so in this series we will discuss what the Bible says about various topics, in the hopes of answering that very question.