This is a short[er] podcast that addresses the current crisis caused by the Trump administration policies towards immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally and the practice of separating parents from children. As a nation with strong ties to the Christian faith, this is an abomination, and as followers of Christ it is our duty to hold our government officials accountable.

How to Help

There is an act making its way through Congress, titled the “Keep Families Together” Act [S.3036] You can reach out to your representative easily by doing either (or both!) actions below:


  1. Dial (202) 2224-3121
  2. State your Zip Code
  3. When connected, simply say “I live in [City and State], and I support S. 3036″

Send An Email

  1. Send a text message with the phrase “resist” to 50409
  2. Follow the instructions that you receive, providing your Full Name and Address. This allows the app to determine your State and Federal government representatives
  3. Select the option to send the message to you Senator(s)
  4. When asked to enter your message, ere is a template you can cut & paste:

“Hi, my name is [—-]; and I’m a constituent from [state or zipcode].

I’m contacting you to ask that the Senator support S. 3036, the Keep Families Together Act, to stop the separation of migrant families at the U.S. border.

Border separations are highly stressful experiences for children that can cause irreparable, lifelong harm to children’s health from toxic stress. The policy is immoral. It must be stopped by Congress immediately.

We can protect our borders without hurting children.

Thank you for your time and attention.”

5. After sending the text, send the word “Done” to let it know you are finished.

6. Provide your email address

This service will send an email message to your Senator(s)

Heavenly Father, we pray your grace and mercy be upon the families impacted by the policy of “Zero Tolerance” as enacted by President Trump, and carried out by his administration and law enforcement. We are a very, very blessed nation; help us strike a compassionate balance between protecting our borders and embracing those less fortunate than us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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