Over the past several years, TheFaith has had several false starts, less-than-ideal content, and a couple of site-wide blowups (thanks to hackers). What was started with the best of intents has been a failure, and that has weighed on me considerably.
Personally, I have spread myself too thin. Between my “real job”, family obligations as a single dad, and various other side projects (I’m a creator and entrepreneur by passion), there haven’t been enough resources (time, money, contacts) to do everything well.
Recently, I have taken some time to reflect on my life and ask God where my talents and passion would be best utilized, for His glory and as a legacy to my family and friends. Time is short; there is less in me that wants to just “do cool stuff” if there’s not a story behind it that gives God the glory.
And so, I’ve decided to set aside all of my other ventures for the foreseeable future, and make TheFaith my only passion project. I believe that there is no better time than now to build an alternative but complementary social community whose sole purpose is to embrace the Christian faith, both online and in the real world. I have to tell you that, the peace that came over me in making that decision confirmed it is the right one.
What Is Next
The past week I have been reviewing TheFaith.org and making note of changes, updates, etc. that need to happen. Right now, it’s basically solid but is lacking alot of polish and consistency in look & feel. And, the content hasn’t been coming. I understand that to be a Catch-22: if you build it (well), they will come. So expect to see some significant remodeling over the next next few weeks.
Some New Features
I’m especially excited about some of the new features and capabilities we are adding. Here are a few of them:
Member Blogs. Right now, all blog posts have to go through our Editor, and become associated largely with TheFaith rather than the Author. While I do expect us to have a voice, it is important that our members too have the ability to express themselves. And so we will be adding the ability for Members to create their own Blog on TheFaith platform. We are discussing what level of moderating we should incorporate, and whether this feature should be available to everyone. More on that later.
Member Levels. This is something we have thought about alot, because we want to be an inclusive community. Still, there are some stark realities that we need to address. First is that there are bad people out there, who create 10s of accounts purely so that they can add comments with links or inappropriate language. We are doing a good job of managing this, but feel that we can do better. Secondly, some of you have asked if there is a way to financially support our effort. To date, everything (hosting, design, development, etc.) has been personally covered by me, and I am happy to do that. Still, there are opportunities for us to offer “premium” features and access, without taking away from the core of what we want to make available more broadly.
Store. We are a creative bunch, and have been holding back on a series of wristbands, t-shirts, and mugs that not only advertise TheFaith, but also share some thought-provoking messages. Stay tuned!
There are alot more on the whiteboard, but I thought these 3 would encourage you that we’re actually serious about making TheFaith a valuable resource for the Christian community.
If you have read this far, Thank You. We’re a little long-winded, but thought it was time for us to get our message out about where we were, where we are, and where we are going. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. And so to your comments and suggestions. You can contact us in the Comments section below as well as on Facebook.
God Bless
TheFaith Team